Arquitecnia Estudio is a team of architecture professionals specialized in customized virtual reality project development. We use virtual reality emerging technologies, such as BIM technology (Building Information Modeling), that allows us to develop applications and solutions that define each of our customer’s projects.



We represent the ideas of your project through hyperrealistic images - Renders and 3D Infographics


Live the experience through our interactive 3D Simulator, 360º Tours or HD Videos


We help you develop the concept of your project and communicate it in the most effective way


We start the project from the data you have available. Send us the documentation and tell us the needs you need and we will get to work to design your cusomized 3D project.


1. Send us previous information

We make your budget, based on the information you have and your needs (sketches, drawings, 3D models, number of images to perform, deadline, etc.)

2. 3D model of the project

If you have your own 3D models, please send it to us beforehand and we will carry out the necessary checks to meet our standards.

3. Start of the project

Accepted the budget, and after payment of the provision of funds, we began the charge. A dialog box will open with the client during the development phase of the modeling to ensure that the final result is satisfactory for our client.

4. Pre project views

After modeling and applying the materials and lighting, we make the rendering of the project in low resolution, so that the client can comment on it.

5. High Resolution and Postproduction Rendering

Once the preview is approved, the project is rendered in high quality and the necessary post production adjustments are made. The client, once this step is finished, will be able to verify the final state of the project.

6. Delivery and billing

Once the result of the project has been accepted and the final payment has been made, we send the files in High Resolution and without watermarks.


Arquitecnia estudio is formed by professionals of the interior design, the architecture and engineering of building, specialized in the world of 3D infography and virtual reality, as well as we offer all the services of a technical office. We are a competent and efficient team, with extensive technical knowledge in building and construction.

We are specialized in the development of applications and solutions of virtual reality to materialize the projects of our clients in the field of architecture and urbanism, of any type of space, whether exterior or interior.

We offer a quality service, competitive prices and the commitment to satisfy with rigor its delivery terms. We are an online study, so our projects have no barriers.


Our values ​​represent our identity as a team and company. We are different because we feel passion by our profession, we look for innovation, we work in
, with rigor and commitment, and with a high sense of service to the client, Looking at all times to meet your expectations.

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